Meet Our Alumni

Past fellows, sponsors and mentors remain an active part of the Anthemis ecosystem

Diana Biggs, 
Graduating Fellow

Mustapha Kerouch,
Software Engineer

"The Anthemis Fellowship provides fellows with the opportunity to be at the forefront of a changing industry with the brightest minds in the room. It provided me with a unique opportunity to reflect on my career to date, explore my entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions and position myself for success going forward." 

“The network you build alone in the year reinvigorates the way you think. From the staff, the mentors, the experts and fellows - the community that surrounds you on the program really makes the experience smooth sailing throughout. ”

Frederic Hofmann,

“The Anthemis Fellowship was a springboard into a new future. The program helped me pivot, helped me explore, and, ultimately, helped me figure out the direction I want to go next.”

Justin Drake,

“As an entrepreneur, the year I spent problem solving within other companies, diving deeply into challenges within the industry and being at the pulse of innovation really helped propel what I had planned next for my own ventures.”

Emilia Lischke,
Community Organizer

“What excites me the most about the program is that we get to meet some of the most innovative companies in financial services today - you can’t buy that.”

Kyle DuPont,

“For me, it has been a year where I’ve been able to take a step back, reevaluate and see where to go from there. Being at the centre of the fintech ecosystem gives me that extra value add to bring to the table, in every situation.”

Francesco Corea,
Editor in Chief

“The Fellowship opened up a great network of talented individuals and professionals that I have had easy access to since I began this journey. It has allowed me to do a variety of things I could have never imagined I could do before.”

Kirsten Dunlop,
GM, Strategic Innovation

“From my experience of helping people understand how to transform the world, it is clear to me that you cannot do it with answers and solutions, you can only do it with questions. Very little formal education really offers you the opportunity to learn how to think, how to question, how to learn. The Anthemis Fellowship is that unique opportunity that allows you to do all that in an accelerated and tailored environment."

Mike Jordan,

"The Anthemis Fellowship program really differentiates itself from the traditional educational paths we are used to because it is centered around the fellows themselves. It enables them to be self directed in their experience, following projects and interests of their choosing, but then surrounds them with the depth, the warmth and the insight of the Anthemis ecosystem which has been built over a considerable number of years."

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